When It’s Time to Call It Off with Your Guy

November 16th § 0 comments

Sometimes, you just have to know when to dump a guy, for his and your own sake.

Attaching yourself to something or someone usually takes a huge toll of responsibilities and commitment. Commitment is pretty much one word which reputation had much been tarnished. To certain people, they might even find this the ultimate ‘dirty word’ in a relationship. Well, you might even have came across this type of men quite frequently nowadays, he loves you and thinks you’re great and all but he was never ready for marriage. So you kept on asking (and waiting) when will he be ready and the answer was a mere silence. He just simply can’t have an answer to that – marriage was never part his vocabularies.

It’s not about being selfish or anything but women sure do have certain rights against some stuff when it comes to relationship. The factor written in the paragraph above was just one of those many reasons why you should just end it right there, honey. Not everyone can adapt to an open relationship, right? However, sometimes it’s not only the issues of the guy; it can sometimes be yours too. He may be nice and all, but you just don’t feel the chemistry anymore and you didn’t even bother trying out for help.

You know (but haven’t realized) that your relationship is beyond help when you tend to…

  1. Very often make excuses for why he can’t come over or you can’t go out with him because you’d rather curl up with a good DVD rather than be with him
  2. Every time when you’re in his company, instead of feeling fleetingly captivated, you feel embarrassed, annoyed, insecure or just plain bored.
  3. You’re struggling to find a topic to talk to him about every time you met, and had dinner or lunch, leaving you feeling a little awkward than comfortable.
  4. Start screening your calls because you just don’t feel like talking to him.
  5. You are actually finding yourself bitching to your girlfriends about him.
  6. You’re feeling down and in no mood at all every time being around him. Somehow, you even got yourself deprived of self-esteem and enjoyment whenever you’re going out with him.
  7. And you keep on coming up and giving all kinds of excuses why you don’t want to make love.
  8. Discover that the more you get to know him the less you like him – this part is the scariest part of all…
  9. You never felt like mixing him and introducing him to your friends because he always drinks too much and says something cringeful, gets jealous over a blink at other males on the table, clings to you like a puppy since he’s not that sociable.
  10. You just feel like wanting to change everything about him, from his clothes to the way he slurps his coffee.

Well, those are the signs. It may not even be the guy’s problem, really. By right, you can’t blame him for not being the right one for you. It’s just both of your views and standards are different, and not in the leveled kind of difference, just different in concept and context. There’s nothing to be sad about this, love will come your way, along with the right one.

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