The Truth about Dating a Virgo Guy

July 3rd § 1 comment

Virgo Profile in General

Virgo ConstellationI had my doubts when they say Virgoan people are anything but virginal, nice and pure. The truth is that something is very wrong with the way we thought of Virgo – they are downright difficult to deal with. I’ve known a few Virgos in my life and all of them, almost all of them resembles pretty much of one another, almost like mirror-like images. I’ve even dated one and was pretty much involved in the relationship. A Virgo Man – What’s there to know?

Understanding a Virgo guy may not take a short while, or even worse, you may not be able to understand them at all. It’s all due to that highly critical nature of theirs. Virgo guy will be much more skeptical and analytical, especially to the people they are closed to. If you’ve been around a Virgo long enough, you’ve probably have endured the pain of constant criticism. They find faults in people but honestly, they meant no harm and not meant to condemn in any ways but the fact that he feels responsible for the state of the world at large, what’s more important than the welfare of those around him. Virgo’s more critical of himself than he is of you really.

Despite of that, a Virgo guy is actually one of the sexiest (yeah, he’s sexy alright), most intelligent, caring and honest guys around. Tick that.

Tips on Dating a Virgo Guy

It’ll be too harsh to talk about pressures when dating our fair virgin. They’re not much of a stress to be with actually, just hard to understand and to react to, because you would never guess what’s the outcome or consequence. If you’re neither a Virgo yourself, Capricorn or Taurus, you’ll probably have a hard time dating a Virgo. But to me, boyfriend’s potentiality has little if not much to do with romance compatibility. It works most of the time, when we learn to accept each other’s weakness and strength.

  • A Virgo guy is highly critical, it might take a while for you to adapt to his sharp remarks and honesty but if you see it from the positive point of view, it helps a lot to get to know yourself more in depth.
  • They are extremely honest and a serial monogamist – chances are that he can be very faithful once he’s in love.
  • Wanna know a secret – who would have guess that your Virgo guy is a closet masochist. He likes to suffer but doesn’t know it. He wants you so badly, yet he’s doing all the things that messes things up. So my advice; just let him be – he’ll get back to you after a while or just plainly ignore him and treat him like always. That’ll put him back to round one.
  • They are strangely intuitive and senses who truly likes him and who doesn’t. You really don’t want to lie to this guy. They don’t take lies very good. Lying is like worse than killing for them.

Virgo Boyfriend Potential Rating:

High if you can enter his weird world and routines; fit in and play along as well.
Low if you just can’t stand a person who seems a little, hurm, high. It seems like they’re holding the world on their shoulder and you should be there to ebb some of the burden.


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§ One Response to The Truth about Dating a Virgo Guy

  • witheringhearts says:

    Very well said! Couldn’t deny it even if I want to, especially you said “Virgo’s more critical of himself than he is of you really.”

    As a Virgo girl, every single description above exactly describes me. Being a Virgo isn’t easy.

    Anyway, I’ve read a couple of yr posts. It’s very well written and realistic. Keep posting! You’ve one reader here.

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