Romantic Words of Love: Words women want to hear

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Women can change without any signals or warnings – that could be the biggest challenge in any relationship of a man and a woman. However, sometimes you can sense the changes in her attitude and way of speaking. Her voice tone might turn a little cold, giving you that very unsettling and guilty feeling. Well, that is if you’re sensitive enough to sense it.

In any loving lasting relationship, women desire to be loved dearly, tenderly and be treated with much passion and respect, which sometimes men think they are a little too demanding. But it’s pretty much within their nature. Nevertheless, if we take some time to think the matter thoroughly, men and women don’t differ that much in terms of need, but rather in ways of seeking and processing those needs.

As a man, how far and well do you think you know a woman’s attitude? What kind of words that women like to hear? It is not too much to think that between food, air and compliments and words of love, there’s no one thing that seem to matter more than the other. Of course without food and air, you can’t live but the compliments and romantic words of love are like the food for the soul for women.

Below are few of the words that women usually want to hear, besides the typical ‘I Love You’. The effect may not be definite but it can sure do some good to your relationship with a woman. However, the most important part of the whole thing is meaning what you are saying and doing it sincerely with the intention to give her more love and happiness. Let it come from your heart, naturally. Below are some romantic ideas, as far as talking is concern…

“You always look good to me…”

Well, it is almost undeniable that women are deemed to be weak against compliments, even a simple one such as ‘nice shoes’. There’s no harm in telling your lover how beautiful and gorgeous, or how kind or cute or great she is as a partner. She’ll remember it always and know that there’s always her in your eyes. Even a compliment about how the dress suits her or make her look slim can do wonders!

“How are you today?”

Sounds too simple? Better think again. As simple as it is, the impact can be tremendously heart warming. It shows that you really care about someone and you want to know that everything went well for the person. You should not restrict it to the above phrase; it can be any question regarding how the person is doing, whether it is about her job, the current event or her family.

“Honey, where are you now?”

If a woman starts to feel troubled by this question, then something is not right about the relationship. A typical woman looks at this question as a sign of care and love. A man who asked this to his lover shows that he cares for her and mainly also because he wants to know that she’s safe. However, you should not ask this too often because it could looks as if you’re a bit of a control freak.

“Where do you want to go for the holiday this time?”

Actually, you don’t have to say this often. Nevertheless, this is one of the most favorable questions to women. You can do once every year, and by asking your partner ideas and opinions on the next vacation, your woman will feel greatly appreciated. More often than not, men like to make a decision on their own. So why don’t you make a change by asking her views sometimes. That naturally shows how important she is in your life.

There you go, a few of sweet and romantic lines that you should be able to practice whenever you’re truly, deeply and madly in love. Remember it is not a trick of wooing, because anything that’s not sincere will not give you a good outcome. Have a nice day!


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