Rebound Relationships, Do they last?

October 18th § 3 comments

You broke up, meet someone new again and again, time after time, but you’re still thinking of that old love. And it’ll hurt eventually, and especially when you’re still within reach of one another.

Just like its name suggest, a rebound relationship is like an constant ‘on and off’ relationship you have with a particular partner regardless of the many times of breaking ups and hooking with other lovers. It usually happens in the early stage of breaking up with someone and in the early stage of knowing another person. Is it harmful? Well, that’s for you to decide.

Signs that shows you’re in that rebound relationship dilemma:-

  • Almost everyday, every hour of the day and perhaps nearly every minute and second, you are reminded of your ex lover.
  • It hurts and depresses you when you think of the old memories where you and your ex lover use to be happy and all sweet and lovey-dovey.
  • You feel like if you have the power to control time, you would turn it back to when you were once together still. You regretted the breakup in the first place.
  • At peak you feel stripped off from any embarrassment, and thought of only getting back to your ex, bulldozing that considerably big ego of yours and apologize right away – if that’s what it takes for you to get back together.
  • You start digging about the latest news on your ex (actually you’ve been doing this indiscreetly right in the beginning of the break-up phase…). You look over his or her photo albums over and over again, checking out his connections and news to know what’s going on with his or her life. Most in particular, what bothers you the most is whether he or she has already found a replacement of you.
  • You’re already with someone new, but you want to change everything about him or her… to be like your ex lover, whether in terms of looks or attitude. Sad case.
  • You starts stalking, making prank calls and all other sorts of emotional harassment to your ex lover when you found out that he or she is finally out with someone new.
  • Starts calling him or her again, asking to meet up with the reason ‘Just for old time sake’ kinda of meeting. And you’re doing all this pretty often without your current lover’s knowing about it.
  • You often talk about him with the new love of your life, and even your friends and family, leaving them feeling insecure, and confused in the end. Much to same degree of your own sense of insecurity and confusion.

Usually people don’t realized they’re in a rebound phase or already in a rebound relationship, not only after some time of the current relationship. It should be clear enough when you thought, ‘oh, he used to treat me better than this’, and you start telling your friends and family, ‘he’s nothing like my ex…blah blah blah’. So the moral of the story is – try not to fall in love too quickly after a breakup. People who usually fall in a rebound love relationship falls in love too quickly after their previous relationship but I guess it’s only normal since human beings are naturally scared of being alone, regardless of what they say. But is it the only solution? Think about it. When you’re using another person for the sake of occupying your time and mind, you’ll probably get hurt again in the end. It’s not fair for you, and your new partner. You can be with someone after a breakup, but maybe you shouldn’t be easily confuse it with ‘love’, and you should make that clear to the other party as well.

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§ 3 Responses to Rebound Relationships, Do they last?"

  • maribel says:

    although I am trying to forget the man I love for 14 years I know he is not happy with his present relationship as well. I guess rebound relationship only excite them at first but time will tell if he still found the way back for now I stay single and beautiful… your blog!!!

    • Rei says:

      Hi there~ thanks for reading my post. Yup, you’re right about the momentary excitement. I’ve experienced a rebound relationship before, but later found out that I was probably more in love with the loving memories rather than him. I’ve just got to stop cheating myself. Again, thanks for dropping by, come again for more interesting posts and articles!

  • Athrun says:

    Hey hope your right it was less than a month after we broke up that she started dating someone else and they work together but i want her back so badly and it really hurt to find out mainly cause everyone was trying to hide it from me but i have become another person since the breakup in nothing but positive ways and hope to continue my upgrades as a person and maybe oneday in the future win her back

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