Compliments – The Love Words for Women

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Compliments. One thing that can never seem to be separated from women. When there’s a woman, there’s also the need for compliment. This isn’t actually a gesture of hypocrisy, though some people might have thought it that way. I’d say it is something – a word that can describe a woman in nature. They love compliments that come from the people that they love. It serves as a signal to them that they are actually doing things just fine and making the guy in their life proud, or simply the need the attention to define security in a relationship.

However, there are of course, limits to everything – especially when compliments hinder honesty. Sometimes women may just need to accept things just as they are, no frills. But to all the guys out there, there’s no harm once in a while to compliment your partner in order to show your love and appreciation of her, just for the sake for being there in your life.

You love her? Then, this is one of the ways of showing so – Compliments and love words women want to hear.

Compliment on her style

Okay, so your girl went out shopping, got a new dress, top, pants or whatever. You’ll be in a pinch, cause she’s going to start asking you the ultimate question which sometimes gives you a headache – the ‘How’d I look?‘ question… Well, when it comes to this, guys, just take it easy, and of course, she expect you to say that she looks lovely and pretty, or even sexy! And she’s actually doing it for you (well, most of the time). I know sometimes it pays (a lot) to be honest but what you’re going to reply to her really depends on the situation. Just take a few seconds off and look at her – find what you like about the dress (even when deep down inside you don’t really give a damn about it). Compliment with a thoughtful look and say she looks nice or great even when you feel neutral about it. It should work just fine. But if you think (seriously think) that it looks horrible, you should tell her by choosing your word carefully. You can say – ‘Hmm, I think … fits you more‘, or ‘I think you look better if it’s…’. It wouldn’t hurt as much.


Compliment on her look / weight

There’s another killer question – ‘Do you think I’m fat?’. You hated this question but the countering can be just as simple as the above question. Give a thoughtful and sincere look and say she’s not, even when you know she put on little weight, but hey – you’re perfectly fine with it. You can even say a simple compliment like ‘You’re fine just the way you are, honey’ with a smile. Plus, you might even feel it’s a lot better when there’s a little more flesh. (Keeps on reminding me of what kind of hell David Beckham is in holding the skinny, fleshless Victoria. Ouch). But if you think that she’s getting a little too fat, perhaps you can tell her in a good way when she asked you about it by saying something like ‘Hmm..I think you’d look much better if you lose another kilo, baby‘ and not forgetting that sincere heart-melting smile or even a kiss. Why another kilo? Well, that’s just a camouflage to say that she’s not too fat.


Compliment on her cooking

One more situation is when it comes to cooking. Let’s see it this way guys, your girl can be lousy in the kitchen, but she’s showing effort of trying to make you happy with filing your stomach. Only at times, the food can be terrible, even inedible. So, show your appreciation and compliment her on her endeavor. Just by saying that it looks good can already cheer her up, regardless of the taste. If it’s still edible, you can just endure by eating it (without puking on it) and if you have to comment on it, you can say things like ‘’s good but it’ll be better if you …, but it’s great enough that you’re doing this for me’ and muaahs~! There go the kiss. She will taste her own food later and get it herself, and smile at your thoughtfulness.


Compliments indeed the other ultimate words of love for women. So benefit from it well in order to maintain a great love relationship. Cheers!


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