Birthday Greetings Ideas: Birthday Wishes for My Girlfriend

August 12th § 2 comments

Out of birthday greetings idea? Check these Birthday wishes for your girlfriend

Out of ideas of what to write to your girlfriend on her birthday? Worry no more. Here’s a few free short poems of birthday wishes for your girlfriend. Write them on pretty paper, sexy notes and stick them together with your present. It will definitely bring a smile on her face. Real love can never be too corny because every words count and should come from your heart. So when you write these, make sure you mean it! And I bet you do!


Today is your birthday and I’m thinking of you
More than I always do, with more love than you can ever imagine
Wishing you everything that’s best ever
Wishing you’ll be my girl forever

To the world you may be just any other girl
But to me, you are the world, you are forever
Happy birthday my love!

It’s your birthday again
And every year on this day, everything about you is so special
And I thought how easy to stay in love with you
And to know that I can’t do without you

Each birthday of yours
Marks an alleviation point of my love for you
So in the end, you’ll get a boundless graph of my love

It’s always a treat to wish Happy Birthday to someone so sweet
It is even sweeter to celebrate this happy day together
And it is the sweetest dream to have you always on my side

Happy birthday my dearest and sweetest
Not a day goes by when I do not think of you
How empty my life I thought it would be if you were not here

It’s that time of the year again
It’s your birthday and with each year I’ll love you more
Remember there’ll be more of your best years ahead
And I want and will be there for your every ups and downs
And every spaces in between

What’s in a number?
A single year add on to the amount of love I have for you –
The answer is infinity.
Always loved it to be by your side always and forever
Happy birthday, baby!

Did you know that angels lift up their wings on the day you came to this world
And soar up above your sky blessing each of your gestures
And today, we celebrate that day again
On your birthday, I thank God over and over for sending you to me

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