Are You in Love With A Younger Man?

January 17th § 2 comments

Undeniably, love is ageless. But loving a younger man still doesn’t seem to ease things out…

And people say that love is blind too, but let’s just put the latter aside for while. Age gap seems to be quite a controversial issue and problem nowadays, whether it be in working life and even in a relationship. However, our main focus this time is something like the Catherine Zeta Jones – Michael Douglas kind of scenario. Relationship of a younger woman with an older man is not something unusual. As a matter of fact it is pretty common and natural since it was practiced even in the olden times. What happens when it is the other way around?

Can an older woman date a younger man?

An older woman and a younger man – this will surely raise certain issues. Most people in the Asian countries especially may feel a little tad bit uncomfortable with this kind of thing. But regardless of the regional aspect it is still quite an issue even in the western countries, especially when the woman is a very successful career woman. People around will start tagging these women as sugar mummies as such, but that’s not fair at all isn’t it? Should age really be an issue in a relationship? But statistics show that it certainly has certain impacts for a relationship but it is not some kind of prohibition and unachievable. Thus saying it is more like an exception than it is a rule.

Woman who wants to date younger have to take few things into consideration, and love isn’t enough. After all, it isn’t love at all when you feel like you’re being used or discriminated, right? But of course, not all young men are scrubs. Some are even mature enough to match your own and can be very gentlemen, caring and understanding. Get your own sorting tools out and you should be able to see if the young love is worth it and the right one for you; or maybe after sometime you’ll probably notice it isn’t love at but you’re just care deeply.

For young man who wants to date an older woman, you may be faced with more blunders and problems, but just like men always do. They’ll pretend they don’t care and see what’s coming. Nothing is too complicated for them. But it’s totally different when you’re really serious about it right?
Nevertheless, you’ll never know how it’s like if you don’t give it a try, and see if this kind of relationship fits you well. Young men can sometimes be a little demanding and forceful while older women can be a little too reserved, workaholic and boastfully egoistic. But if love’s strong enough, those things can be changed and even tolerated. Plus, experience sharing is much more enriched since both have different perspectives, understandings of things and life that both parties can share with one another, somehow broadening their views towards life and things. You can try new and exciting things with your young lover – it keeps you young at hear too and young guys can level up their senses and maturity with more responsibilities and commitment coming along the relationship – it helps you to cherish life and people more. Anyway, it is purely a personal decision to make. Just keep it sincere and be honest to yourself and other people.


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§ 2 Responses to Are You in Love With A Younger Man?"

  • sanya says:

    its quite interesting as you have taken into account all the facts involved in a relationship where there is an age difference especially that younger women being involved with older men. it is common in south asian countries where most men like to marry the girls half their age. I know some people myself, its difficult to see those couples,the girls are frightened of their husbands, it is more common because of the low literacy rate of women in these countries which further destitute their plight.
    if it is the other way around ,that is an older women being involved with younger man, is considered to be…we can say a sin in these countries, the couples are targets of mockery by their families, acquaintances. i agree totally with you “”when is age a hurdle when both of them are in total understanding with each other.”"

  • yes this is very popular in asian country, girl & boys are fall in love with such person who is either already married or younger to them, this age gap is too much bad to understand their feelings.

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